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A tailored fitness program to achieve your individual health and fitness goals. Using different methods and equipment, while recording individual progression. These sessions will build your confidence in your ability and the theory behind training.

The sessions will be progressive and at your pace. Using different kinds of equipment such as kettlebells, bands and bars. As well as implementing various cardio disciplines including boxing and circuit training to name but a few.

Over time you will feel and notice improvement. It’s essential you follow the instruction given, whether that be training/exercise instruction to nutrition and routine. You will need to commit to achieve your desired goals but you can achieve them!

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Whethers it’s injury prevention or a recovery program, the sports massage session will use tailored methods to help sore muscles. Sports massage provides many benefits and helps reduce stress levels, improve range of motion and improve blood flow.

The sessions will be tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a specific area that’s causing discomfort, pain or tightness. Or you need a general area massage to help with a bigger area. The sports massage will ensure you recover quicker and help with preventing injuries or pain.

The myth with sports massage is that it has to be painful for the massage to work. Although there may be a little discomfort it isn’t designed to give pain, you will feel relaxed like a normal massage, though some areas will need a little extra attention in order to help knead out problem parts.