Richie Adams

Personal Trainer - Sports Massage Therapist

- Personal Trainer Level 3&4
- Sports Massage Therapist Level 3&4
- Strength & Conditioning Level 4
- Exercise Referral Level 3
- Pad Work Instructor Level 2
And various other qualifications and experience.

Qualified as a fitness instructor at 19 years old. With over 16 years in the Parachute Regiment and also as a Military Physical Training Instructor.

Over the years I’ve developed the knowledge and experience to get the best out of people. Designing programs for individuals that have returned from quite major injuries, to programs for those competing in athletics and various sports.
It’s my aim to help those achieve their goals, with well designed and achievable programs. As well as help individuals recover and develop from injuries.

Whether your just starting out, returning to fitness from an injury or about to train for a specific competition, my strategic fitness programs will help you achieve your goals and enjoy at the same time.