Personal Training (£40) 1 hr session

Free initial consultation where we will conduct a basic screening and start to design your strategic program, in-line with your goals.

Sports Massage
- (£45) 1 hr session
- (£25) 30 min session

Can choose either a general area massage (1 hour) focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and legs.
Or a more specific area massage (30 mins) for any tight troublesome areas that require more attention.

Please note: You will be required to fill in a questionnaire on your health and well being on your initial session. We will routinely update and ensure you are ok to carry out the sessions. It is essential you are honest about your health, so that an accurate assessment can be made and program that will not hinder you health can be created.
Exercise referrals are accepted from GP’s with a signed note from the doctor, clearly identifying any conditions so that a fitness program can be designed to ensure there are no risks to your health and development.